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Are You Struggling To make More Sales?

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Based on my experience I can tell you what your biggest problem is.

You don’t know who your customers are! Now I can hear you saying, “oh yes I do, and who do you
think you are Blase telling me that?”

The reason I say that is based on working with a lot of small business owners. But even if I didn’t have that experience all I have to do is read the ads in the newspaper, the yellow pages, online, emails or read my snail mail.

Or I could just watch the ads on TV or listen to the radio. Most ads shout “I know nothing about my customer!”

Still don’t believe me? Ok, grab the Yellow Pages, now go to a section that lists a product or service that might interest you, now read the ads. If you don’t have a YP grab a magazine it doesn’t matter most ads are crap. What do you see? Did any of the ads reach out and grab your attention?

If so, why? What did it say? How did it grab you?

If your yellow pages are anything like mine most ads have the name of the business on top, maybe a picture or a logo, then they give you a menu of what they do then they tell you they have great quality, service, and price. The ad probably tells you how long they’ve been in business and gives you a phone number.

Here is the point. When a prospect wants something they want to know how you are going to solve their problem. At this point in time they could care less about you it’s all about them.

But what do most ads do? They talk about their business. If you really knew your customers you would know their pain, you would know the biggest problems and you would tell them in ads how you can solve their problem.

Remember as a prospect I don’t care about you, I care about me and that’s called WIIFM, what’s in it for me? If your ads address that question you will increase your sales.

Now go sell something,